The Ancient Greek Religion in the Solar Cycle of the Earth

Agapi Karamanli


An essay on human, the solar calendar and our solar system

In this venture we give prominence to the relation between the zodiac cycle and the solar diary.

We follow the natural circle of time and its footholds at the equinoxes and the solstices and we give to the zodiac cycle, except for its metaphysical and symbolic role, a physical, natural and calendar substance.

At the same time, we correlate the Twelve Gods with the solar system and the close-up universe around us; we redefine its archetypical meaning and its symbolic role in the human existence.

In this way, we give the natural dimension of the surrounding universe on the basis of religion, of the archetypical symbolic and devotional ritual of our ancient world.

In our own home land, in Greece, we created the most beautiful myths.

We organized our thinking and logic, we delved into science, we created classical aesthetic in arts and culture, we served life faithfully, we worked for the well-being of human society, we inspired the organized state of democracy.

Our ancient ancestors created their myths from the beauty of the Greek land, from their love for life and the beautiful.

They put work at the center of social prosperity, the defense of justice and the weak at the center of the organized society.

The respect for the people and the nature, the homeland of us all, above everything.

Greek mythology, the ancient Greek faith, remains alive to us and teach us the good and the beautiful, it inspire us to the possibility of harmony, peace and work in the world.

Its symbols and archetypes remain strong and classic in the effort we, humans, make to explain ourselves, our coexistence and society, our relationship with nature and the world.

Its contribution to the continuation of human civilization is indisputable.  


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